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evacuations are under way in north carolina as hurricane earl continues its track toward the east coast. >> we'll continue to keep an eye on the storm while emergency officials are expected to give more details on how our area is preparing. fox 5 morning news now continues at 6:00. good morning to you. it is wednesday morning, september 1st already. there is a look at 495 at maryland 193 to get you started today at 6:00. we are glad you're with us early i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. thank you for being with us. let's talk about earl a little bit more now. evacuations are already under way in north carolina this morning as hurricane earl
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approaches the east coast. officials ordered all tourists to leave okracoke island starting at 5:00 a.m. this morning. the island's year-round residents are being asked to leave but they do not have to follow the evacuation order. the scene was pretty peaceful along north carolina's outer banks yesterday but the storm is expected to range bring high winds and rains to the area by late thursday, early friday. all right, tuck. we are preparing for what is going on there. just hot for us here. >> mid-90s again in the forecast here. the big change from last night when most people went to bed, hurricane watch now issued for the virginia coastline in addition to most of the north carolina. got a map to show you. we'll take another quick look at earl. surf city, north carolina to paramour island, that is under a hurricane watch. the watch has been extended. don't be surprised if later today, it is not extended further north up into maryland,
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maybe new jersey, up into southern new england later this afternoon. 125miles per hour. that makes it a category three storm. it has lost a little steam overnight. still a very formidable, very powerful hurricane. so tracking off to the north and west at 16 miles per hour. it will be just off outer banks by overnight thursday into friday morning. so we'll see how things start to go downhill here over the next couple of days. for us, just a hot one. right now, we are in the 70s. 76 at reagan national. 70 in baltimore. 71 for you in ocean city. our forecast is easy. lots of sunshine. it will be hot this afternoon with highs back in the middle 90s. 95 intown. 96 in waldorf. 94, one of the cooler spots in winchester.
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>> lauren demarco in with the traffic. >> we have a live look here at 197. folks headed southbound toward the capital beltway, nothing really in your way. watch for volume building but you should find that your lanes are open. no problems to report on 95 in maryland. as you travel in frederick, i do want to mention 15 southbound at 26, we've got a tractor-trailer accident. everybody getting by that single file to the right. now, in virginia, 66 eastbound, we have a little bit of volume building. approaching the beltway right now, everybody is running at speed. 95 in virginia, we're see something slow traffic northbound from newington into springfield. here we are, 395 north as the volume builds from the beltway up past duke street. 14th street bridge looks pretty good right now. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> back to the late on hurricane earl now as it continues to track toward the east coast. >> maryland emergency officials are meeting today about a potential to brush ocean city.
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labor day weekend is a pretty big draw for the hot spot with tourists packing the beaches and boardwalks. d.c. emergency officials say they're expecting minimal impact from earl. however, residents are being asked to prepare for the sort of damage you might see from severe storms including those power outages and maybe even flooding. and virginia is not taking any chances. governor mcdonnell is expected to declare an emergency today that will give national guard troops and state police the chance to position themselves in places that they may be needed the most. >> one of ropes why virginia leaders don't want to take any chances is because of hurricane isabelle. that storm hit seven years ago this month. thirty-three people were killed. more than half of the state was without power and the storm left behind more than a billion dollars in damage. a state review revealed the virginia disaster preparedness plans were not set up to handle a storm on such a large scale. the other big story we are
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following, america's combat operations in iraq are now officially over. 50,000 troops are still on the ground to train iraqi security forces but the president says this is the turning point in a mission that so many have been waiting for. >> ending this war is not only in iraq's interests, it is in our own. the united states has paid a huge price to put the future of iraq in the hands of its people. we have sent our young men and women to make enormous sacrifices in iraq and spent vast resources abroad at a time of tight budgets at home. we persevered because of a belief we share with the iraqi people, a belief that out of the ashes of war, a new beginning could be born in this cradle of civilization. through this remarkable chapter in the history of the united states and iraq, we have met our responsibilities. now, it is time to turn the page. >> the war in iraq began in
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march of 2003 under the bush administration. last night, president obama acknowledged that he and the former president have disagreed about the war from the very beginning. however, he did speak to former president bush yesterday and said in his address that there was no doubt about mr. bush's commitment to the security of country. john mccain reacted to the speech saying that president obama should have given president bush more credit for the success in iraq. >> what he should have said, i opposed the surge, i was wrong, i made a mistake and george w. bush deserves credit for doing something that was very, very unpopular at the time and instead, he had to say it is well known that george bush loves the troops. really. and the fact is that -- and the fact is that then senator obama voted to cut off the funding, not even joe biden being that wanted to divide iraq into three different countries voted against the funding. >> president obama says his
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debate about the war with president debate throughout the country. the d.c. democratic mayoral primary less than two weeks away axe "washington post" poll indicates d.c. schools chancellor michelle rhee has polarized vote ares in the district. 41% say her record for revamping the school system will be a reason for vote for mayor fenty in the primary election but 40% say her lead are shape is a reason to vet him oust office. the mayoral candidates will face off in a fox 5 debate this friday morning on fox 5 morning news. you can catch that debate starting at 9:00 in the morning. go to to let us know what questions you want us to ask. a new list of best federal employers is. . we'll tell you who came out on top. nasa is being called in to help the chilean miners who may be facing life underground for several months.
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it is not nasa's technology but the psychology that officials are hoping will help out. we'll take a break and be right back. it's not back-to-school, it's forward to what's next with an hp netbook,
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samsung reality, or lg cosmos for under $20 after rebate.
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israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is condemning the killing of power people in the west bank. the palestinian prime minister says the tax was aimed at undermining peace talk getting under way at the white house. a team from nasa is now in chile helping the miners deal with isolation and confinement. the miners have been trapped for almost a month now. the nasa doctors already arrived in santiago and they should be at the mine later this morning. we are getting a look at the last of the list of the best federal employers. this is according to the employees themselves. the "washington post" reports that the nuclear regulatory commission topped the list. the government accountability office ranked second followed by the fdic and the smithsonian. partnership for public service
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put the ranking together after surveying more than 263,000 government employees. it is 11 minutes after 6:00 now. we want to go back to this morning's big story. >> which is hurricane earl still on track to impact the weather here along the east coast. we'll get the latest from tucker when fox 5 morning news continues.
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hurricane earl barreled right through the caribbean. the storm for you downgrade a bit from a category four hurricane to a category three hurricane. it knocked down trees and power lines all over the island of st. thomas and the individual inislands. the vacs started on the mainland in north carolina just about an hour ago. thousands of tourists have been ordered to leave okracoke island. virginia governor bob mcdonnell is expected to declare a state
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of emergency. we are live in ocean city beginning tonight on fox 5 news at 5:00. our live team coverage continues tomorrow on fox 5 morning news. i guess governor mcdonnell just planning ahead because virginia will be impact the by the storm too, right? >> it certainly looks that way. they've got a hurricane watch now extended for the coastline. as you start to work inland, the effects way be minimized because the wind and the waves and the worst of the effects will be close to the coastline. certainly, it bears watching as it is still a major hurricane. maximum winds, 125-mile per hour gusts. it is still headed generally towards cape hatteras and it looks like it will shoot up just off the coast during date on friday. our weather, switching gears, we'll look at earl in just a second, is featuring more heat and maybe a little more humidity than yesterday. still not bad when you compare it to july and most of august. we are starting off september and our average daytime high now is only, believe it or not in the low to mid-80s but we
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are talking 90s again today and mid-90s at that. 76degrees at reagan national. that is a mild start. 76 in gaithersburg. you got frederick way temperature of 64. fredericksburg, 746789 you can see the mild air hanging out in spots. annapolis is 74. in leonardtown, starting your day at 6 #. we'll have alet of -- we'll have a lot of sunshine today. just like yesterday. -- in leonardtown, starting your day at 63. look how quiet it is, you mean all the way from sexes of new england down to the mid- atlantic down into the carolinas, not much happening. kind of the calm before the storm here. out to the west work we have a cold front and this is a big player in our forecast as we get into the end of the week. it is a good thing it is on the
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way. not only will it bring cooler weather but it will help push earl out it sea as we get into the daytime hours. speaking of earl, let's take a look here. that eye becoming distinct. you can see it wobbling off to the west. we have hurricane watches he can tenned from surf city, north carolina up to paramour island in virginia. don't be surprised if the hurricane watches don't get extend to the maryland beaches and up to new jersey and southern new england as this storm will race up the coast during the day on friday. here is where we expect it to be by friday morning parked off the coast of cape hatteras and then up the delmarva peninsula and out to sea it will go. thanks in part to this cold front that will push it out here t will be close. i think the worst of the effects will be along the beaches where they will be dealing with at least thunderstorm conditions if not some hurricane-force winds here during the day on friday and then this frontal system will
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cool us down as we get into the weekend. both saturday and sunday look fantastic right now. most of labor day weekend should be fine with sunshine and cooler temperatures. 95 for us this afternoon. code orange air quality. one more sunny, very hot day and then the pattern will start to break down tomorrow as we wait for the approach of earl from the south and east. this are your daytime highs tomorrow. 9 # degrees. partly sunny skies. friday, mix of sun and clouds as earl passes to our east. high temperature, 88. we'll be breezy at time during the day on friday. i mentioned the great-looking weekend. look at that. saturday and sunday. sunday will be a great day. 8 # 82 with sunshine and low humidity. >> we have a couple of things going on as you head southbound on 15 in the frederick area right at 26. we had an accident involving a tractor-trailer. been there for some time. police and emergency equipment remain at the scene. effect getting by single file
6:20 am
to the right. 270, volume building in the usual stretches getting past hyattstown. no problems to report on the beltway as you head around both the inner and outer loops in maryland and virginia. your lanes are open incident and accident-free. 95 northbound, we are starting to see some volume from dale city headed up through the woodbridge area getting past 13 and across the occoquan. than you will find delays again from newington headed into springfield. look from v-do the and we've got the 14th street bridge headed northbound across 395. no major problems there but we do have a bit of a slowdown. you are on the brakes with some volume as you head on to the freeway. freeway eastbound after sixth street, we do have an accident reported. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. you can call day driver's license amnesty in virginia as state troopers are being asked not to issue tickets to anyone whose license expired august 5th through september 30th. >> there has been a computer
6:21 am
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a possible sign that consumer confidence is on the upswing as back to school shopper spent more this year than last year. total sales from credit card, checks and cash were were tallied up for august and americans spent a little bit more on the basic and sales of children's wear jumped more
6:25 am
than 8%. the back to school shopping season is often seen as an early indicator of holiday sales. >> the markets managed to break even and home prices are looking a little bit better at least for now. chris cotter with fox business is up in new york to talk about all of this. good morniyou. >> good morning. >> the markets might have been quoting yogi berra yesterday saying it ain't over till it's over. we made sort of that rebound in the last hour. >> that last hour, this summer, it continues to determine the entire day and it did yesterday. we were looking at a big sell off. final hour, we are versed course, got everything back to even. that was a positive on it. you mentioned the master card study. case shoup sheweller home price index came in. 17 of the 0 cities had increases. -- the case shuler home price index came in. when july numbers come out, they won't be so great. we all know that. we got the conference board number yesterday. that was also up a pricing
6:26 am
total number. not great still but better than expected. that is what prevented us from having a sell offjed. our futures are significantly higher. -- that is what prevented us from having a selloff yesterday. we are expecting to get number from auto sales. >> that's right. this will be for august and we are not expecting a good month at all in the month of august. so there is the opportunity for an up side surprise but you wouldn't bank on it. >> chris cotter, fox business. thank you. have a good day. james wright we are keeping a close eye on hurricane earl this morning. tourists at one vie indication destination in north carolina are already being forced to leave and the storm could impact our weather here at home. we'll check back in with tucker for the latest on earl's track when fox 5 morning news continues on the other side of the break.
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take a look at this. this is a view of hurricane earl from space. if you look at the left third of your screen, can you see the eye of the storm. an astronaut on board the international space station took this photo of the now category three hurricane. >> the space shuttle often gets incredible photographs. >> they do. it has been downgraded but still pretty powerful. >> still a major hurricane. winds of 125 gusting over 140. that would cause all kind of damage if that were to move inland. most of the energy with the storm should stay just offshore as we get into friday and saturday. want to mention the hurricane watch has been extended from surf city, north carolina up to paramour island, virginia. that is just south of ocean city. we have a hurricane watch along the coast.
6:31 am
that includes most of the virginia. it looks like earl will race up the eastern seaboard here as we get into the day on friday. let's take another quick look at earl and just give you the latest. you will see the eye is once again redeveloping. that tells us the storm means business and it looks like it will remain an intense hurricane as it approaches the carolina coastline overnight thursday into friday morning. moving off to the north and west at 1 miles per hour, the pressure is up a little bit. 941 millibars. that is a good sign. we want that pressure up but that is still a very formidable hurricane. locally, our forecast will be an easy one. currently 76 at reagan national. our ones have shifted a little bit. they were out of the south. let's move on and take a look at our current conditions on our max 2 system. the wind will be shifting out of the south. that will pump in plenty of heat later today.
6:32 am
95degrees. i don't know what else to say about it. just another day in the 90s. code orange air quality. >> you know what i take from that, where it says one more hot afternoon. maybe that means we are in for better weather. >> we are. tomorrow's temperature won't be 92. >> you guys note nice the middle of tucker's weather report he stloaz out your name like you're in school and you better be paying attention. i kind of like that. you got caught. you weren't paying attention. >> i know. >> we are dealing with an accident in the frederick area, 15 southbound at 26th. everybody getting by single file to the right. seeing delays in potomac mills towards the prince william parkway where there is appear accident in the center of the main lanes. 395 northbound does slow heading up past duke street and getting across the 14th street
6:33 am
bridge. there is volume there heading on to the freeway eastbound. southeast-southwest freeway after 1th street. before a disabled tractor- trailer on the right shoulder slowing folks down. we also have an accident reported northbound 295 at the naval research center. that is off to the right shoulder. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. we'll go back to hurricane earl right now. with the clean-up already under way in the caribbean, islands like st. thomas, earl is now head to the east coast of the mainland. >> evacuations are under way in parts of north carolina and emergency crews are getting ready in delaware, maryland and virginia beaches all up and down the eastern seaboard. sarah simmons joins us now. >> reporter: there are about 5,000 visiters on okracoke eye hand that started evacuating this morning that. could be a potential as we continue to watch hurricane earl to see where he ends up.
6:34 am
there is a potential there that people could be evacuated in other areas as well. now, as earl makes his way toward the coast, maryland emergency officials are meeting today about the impact it is expected to have on ocean city. the ocean city mayor says they have about # hundred thousand people that are there now leading up to this big labor day weekend. ocean city is already warning swimmers about dangerous riptides there too. -- about 200,000 people that are there now. tease residents don't expect much from hurricane earl. how far, resident are being asked to repair for the type of damage you might see from severe storms such as power outages and flooding. virginia governor bob mcdonnell is expected to declare a state- wide emergency today. that will give national troops and state police the chance to get in place for that storm. one of rons why virginia leaders are kind of quick to issue the warping, because of
6:35 am
hurricane isabelle. that hit seven years ago this month. thirty-three people were killed. more than half the state was without power and the storm left behind more than a build ondollars in damage. there was a review that revealed virginia was not prepared for handle a storm like that. we will be talking with officials in the in dare county, north carolina in the area of nags head and kill devil hills. they could see hurricane earl hit there. we'll see how they're preparing in the 9:00 hour. >> thank you. our other big story, president obama's prime time speech last night as he spoke from the oval office for 0 minutes on the official end of u.s. combat missions in iraq. our tom fitzgerald was there and has more for us.
6:36 am
>> reporter: operation iraqi predom is over. >> reporter: after more than save seven years of war, president obama formally declared the end of the u.s. combat phase in iraq and he thanked u.s. troops if their service and sacrifice and says august # 1, 2010 marks a mail stone in recent american history. >> end ping this war is not only in iraq's interests, it is in our own. the united states has paid a huge price to put the future of iraq in the hands of its people. >> reporter: the president explained that a u.s. presence of 50,000 troops will remain in iraq for support and counterterrorism training. he acknowledged that both he and former president george w. bush disagreed about the war. but he called the former president a patriot and said they spoke by phone before the speech. he also linked the iraq war to the nation's frag all and struggling economy saying resources spent abroad for many years have shortchanged investments here at home and contributed to record
6:37 am
deficitties our most urgent task is to restour ore economy and put the mill i don't understand of american was have lost their jobs back to work. >> reporter: but republicans are pointing out that the republicans and other democrats not only opposed the war but the surge order by former president bush. the gop says that surge is what is now allowing president obama to bring home the troops on schedule. >> some leader who owe opposed, criticized and fought tooth and nail to stop the surge strategy now claim credit for the results. >> reporter: in addition to the troops staying in iraq a diplomatic army of u.s. civilians is also staying. their job is to keep together the sometimes feuding facts that make up the iraqi government until the iraqi people can move forward on their own. >> thank you. we want it take a look at the other top stories. it is good and bad news for
6:38 am
d.c. mayor feinty's push for a second term. a "washington post" poll indicates that michelle rhee is polarizing on the political front. 41% say her revamping will be a ron for vote for mayor fenty. 40% say her leadership is a ron not to rote for mayor fenty. mayor fenty and vincent gray will face off this friday. can you catch their live in- studee debate beginning at 5: -- in-studio debate beginning at 9:00 a.m. sherry ly talked to frustrated drivers in vienna. >> reporter: it is unusually quiet at the tysons corner dmv but that is in the a good thing. for nearly a week since awe
6:39 am
computer outage, no one has been able to get a driver's license. >> i said you are not going to believe this. >> reporter: nick silver got a permit a month ago, lost it and needs a new one. he needs it to drive and for work. >> that can verify all my information. >> reporter: about 6500 people state-wide get their license in person each day. that is 39,000 people since the problem started, nearly enough to fill nationals park. >> every day i come here, they say this thing is down and we cannot help you. >> reporter: his brother can take the test but will have to come back if a license. >> i have to take him like everywhere. >> reporter: the malfunction in the government's data storage system has been repaired but the dmv's large and complicated database must still be verified. >> dmv ill will not be able it process driver's licenses or id cards on wednesday, september 1st. so yes, the computer outage continues. >> reporter: the dmv is urging
6:40 am
people who are eligible to renew their license online. drivers can print out a 30-day temporary license until the new license arrives in the mail. state and local police are not writing tickets for 59,000 drivers whose licenses expired in this period. >> if we do reach capacity, we anticipate that some customers will have to wait outside. >> i want to beat the crowd. so i will come early, quite early. >> the dmv says it is prepared to do crowd control but at this point, eastbound thursday or friday are no guarantees. >> state officials say the computer contractor will likely face a financial penalty of at least $100,000. state and local police are extending the am nifty period for those with expired licenses new september 30th. when new questions parents may be asked on their child
6:41 am
appear next visit to the pediatrician. we'll it would you what the nats' $15 mull wrong man will get surgery for the injury that has left him unable to play.
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6:44 am
the daughter of senator john mccain is out way new book. megan mccain's book is titled dirty, sexy politics. she talk about her conflicting feelings about her father's running mate sarah palin. mccain calls palin the time bomb would could explode at any moment but also describes her as a nice and down to earth person. in just two days, stephen strasburg will undergo something called tommy john surgery to rebuild his el owe. the recuperation period is expected to be 12 to 18 months. he finished the son with a 5-3 record sowm the scene was
6:45 am
peaceful along north carolina's outer banks yet but things could get a bit different tomorrow. hurricane earl still on track to impact the east coast. tourists have been ordered to evacuate okracoke island. >> i know you are watching what is going on, tuck. >> this time of year, the peak of hurricane son here the first couple of weeks of september. it has gotten busy. watching earl and fee own a might have another one down the road. looks like earl will come awfully close to the coastline. maybe 100 or 200 miles offshore. it will bring us some breezy conditions and clouds. the but you can see some brain -- some rain and tropical storm conditions during the day on friday in some spots. we are currently in the 70s.
6:46 am
76degrees at reagan national. 74 in quantico. 70 in leonardtown and 74 in annapolis. a little cooler here. we have some 60s off to the north and west out towards happenners officer you. 66 in gaithersburg. 63 for you in machine as as. 62 as you start your day in martinsburg. just like the last couple of days, ever since sunday, when the high pressure affecterred itself across the washington area, we are talking about a lot of sunshine today and temperatures are going to jump right back into the middle 90s. so plenty of heat in the forecast today. let's get to it. satellite-radar, very quiet conditions across the mid- atlantic. there you go. look how quiet it is. stretching from new england into the cunanans. i point out this cold front to you out to the west. this will be a big player in our forecast. it will cool us down for the weekend. it will help shunt earl out to sea. without the frontal system, we would be much more concerned about earl moving inland. it looks like this will help push earl out it sea during the day on friday. let's get down to earl. maximum winds, 125 miles per hour so that is still a major
6:47 am
hurricane. you can see that eye kind of redeveloping during the overnight hours. i with not be surprised if it doesn't deepen a little bit and intensify a little bit more here during the day today. off to the north and west it goes at about 16 miles per hour. looks like it will be parked right off the coast of the carolinas, north carolina, by early friday morning and then quickly move off to the north and to the north and east just missing cape cod here as it pushes through touring the evening on friday. hurricane earl, there you go, maximum winds, 125 miles per hour. there is a look at the forecast path. you can see we still have this cone of uncertainty. so it is possible it could track a little further to the west. maximum winds will be about 120 miles per hour. can you see it will be racing off to the northeast during the daytime hours on friday. so our conditions around here will deteriorate during the late afternoon on thursday, mother cloud cover. we are looking at breezy conditions across the washington area. it is possible some of the bands of rain could make it back as close as the bay during
6:48 am
the day on friday as this storm will be moving through. forecast today, 95. it will be a hot one. code orange air quality, that is better than yesterday. plenty of sunshine and all in all, a nice one with winds out of the south at about five miles per hour. looking at the next couple of days, still going to be warm tomorrow, hot, 92 degrees with more clouds in the afternoon. partly cloudy conditions on friday. we'll see exactly how close earl tracks to the washington area. but we'll have some clouds associated with earl during date on friday. breezy conditions and then that sets us up for a great-looking weekend. i mentioned the cold front. saturday and sunday, high temperatures in the low to mid- 80s. that is where we should be this time of year. low humidity, no rain in the forecast. we could use some rain at this point and we don't have any in the next five days unless we get earl takoma parking closer to the washington area and than we could see the bands together. >> 80 sounds good though. >> it sounds fabulous. it is time for ask the weather
6:49 am
guy. tony and i put our great big heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather- related or otherwise. today's question is a good one from patty i feel your pain here because i have the same problem p. she wants to know why do tropical storms and hurricane names start with the letter a every year. patty seems a little irk etch d because she seems theyville never have a chance to have a storm named after her. >> have faith. didn't we get into the nones one year? >> we have gone all the way through the alphabet. >> you would think they would just left off where they left off last year. >> they don't and i cannot explain why. i've done a lot of research. what happened here is every year they reset. it is kind of like why do we drive on the right side of the road. they do start with the letter a every year. this that digs goes back to the early 1950 h's. they used to name storms based on longitude and latitude but
6:50 am
the merchant ships, the shipping interests were having problems because this time of year, there is often more than one storm. they weren't exactly which storm they were referring to. so they started naming them aafter women starting in 195 #. for the bet earth part of 5 years, all of the storm names were only women. in the late 70s, with equal rights, they realized that maybe that wasn't the best idea to only name storms after women so men got into the mix. they alternate between men and women's names. there is a six-year psych that would starts with a every year and i just showed you the list for this year. so if you are one of those letters way down the list, a t or an s, your chances aren't good. nothing i can do about it. >> has there ever been a hurricane tucker. >> there will never be a tucker. here is something to look forward to. in 012, there is a possibility after hurricane tony. >> what about patty? does she make the dismut.
6:51 am
>> you take it back. patty could make the cut in 2012. they used to use names sort of specific to the united states. now, we use french names and mick opportunity a lot. everybody gets in on the mix. no steve over the scene of the accident six years and gurvir, you will have to wait. >> i don't think so. >> maybe a good thing. >> i don't find my name on those buttons and t-shirts that you see at cheesy roadside -- >> i don't so much either. >> patty, great question. we'll look forward to 2012 and we'll be the first to let you know if there is a hurricane named after you in 2012. if you have a we you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. we'll be glad to answer my question. a good one. >> let's check in with lauren demarco and get a look at traffic. >> well, we do have an accident that we've been following. it has been self hours now as you head into frederick, maryland southbound on 15. this will affect you. sky fox live over the scene. it is 15 south just before 26th
6:52 am
which is liberty road. we have accident activity off to the right side of the road. you are getting by single file to the light but from the pictures, it looks like you are getting by to the left. expect one two-mile delay at this point. things look pretty good but we do have the usual volume on the outer loop as you head around towards silver spring. no problems crossing the american legion bridge. seeing volume northbound 95 in virginia from dale city headed up towards wood brim then again from newington to get into springfield in the main lines of northbound 95. hov looks pretty good right now. northbound 395 slows from the beltway up past duke street and then again crossing the 14th street bridge on to the freeway. freeway eastbound near 12th street, before a disabled tractor-trailer on the right shoulder. inbound sousa bridge is heavy and slow approaching the freeway. i do want to mention northbound 295 at the naval research lab, we have an accident on the right shoulder. northbound bw parkway at 3 #,
6:53 am
we have an accident reported as well with delays from 198. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. -- northbound bw parkway at 32. we have a health alert. fraughts an vegetables may protect smokers from getting one type of lung cancer. quitting smoking will do far more to reduce that rusk. researchers found smokers who eight the greatest varieties of fruits and vegetables are less likely to get squamous cell cancer. a statement published in peed rattics says the media is the leading sex educator in america and it is not being responsible with the role. the statement says 07% of teen programming contains some sort of sexual con at any time and often there is no members of the jury of stds or abstinence.
6:54 am
some-- there is no mention of stds or abstinence. holly is live at monocacy battlefield where there has been a new page of history turned up. 
6:55 am
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>> reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. and on this wednesday we are unearthing history literally as we are live in frederick county. we are at the plantation or part of the plantation in late 1700s, early 1800s and where this summer the park service is having an archeological dig. just last week they found out
6:58 am
there is more beneath the grounds than they realized thanks to the latest technology. they have just realized there is a village beneath here. they thought there were maybe four houses and now they know they are digging for six and that work is in progress. and this morning we're finding out all about it. clearly it is a difficult and disturbing story to tell but one they believe needs to be told and this morning we're going to learn about how you literally pull the past from the ground and learn more about where we all came from. gurvir. >> i have to tell you, holly, that first of all is absolutely beautiful where you are and it's going to be fascinating throughout the morning. thank you so much. the oval office has a brand new look. workers installed new wallpaper, new sofa's lamps and a rug. rug is made of 25% recycled wools and features quotes from lincoln, kennedy and martin luther king. the president's inaugural committee and the white house
6:59 am
historical society are paying for the upgrades. it's 8:58. that will do it for the 6:00 hour. allison is in with steve now. some east coast beaches being forced to evacuate. >> hurricane earl got weaker overnight but could threaten the east coast, including virginia and maryland. we're on top of the story. and the president's operation has a new round named operation dawn. fox 5 morning news begins rights now. >>

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